Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Biomagnetic Therapy, also called biomagnetic pair is a natural therapy capable of detecting, identifying, and correcting an abnormal condition even before the symptoms arise. it is, therefore, a preventive and healing therapy.

This therapeutic practice uses pairs of magnets of medium intensity to equalize an organism’s pH level and to control the dangerous effects pathogens, toxins or glands malfunction have in our health.

According to medical biomagnetism, which was discovered by Mexican doctor Issac Goiz in 1988, a large number of illnesses, including cancer and many other complex diseases, are associated with fundamental alterations in the pH level in the internal organs and with the presence of viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxins, and other harmful factors. The development of illness cannot happen with a balanced pH level.

It can help in many different conditions like: Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Migraines, Thyroid, Cancer, etc.

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